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From our perspective, the user must need to get fully satisfied from our services so he/she should not turns their head towards the other platforms, which we are not intended to let them experience.


It would be possible that you face issues when not accurately use the app as we have mentioned about to-do-so in the privacy policy section.

So, if anything bad happens with you; we are not responsible for it. The one way you can remain safe from such kind of issues is by reading out what we have mentioned in the privacy policy section.


Within the App, you will see a blog section that can take you towards informational content.

Basically, it’s included in the platform to help you out about getting the knowledge of the industry level or something else that is important. Within the blog articles, you will see a variety of interlinks that will take you towards other pages. Some of them would be of our platform; and for that, we totally take the responsibility.

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If you face any issues from those links, we are not responsible at all. So, you must need to open those links based on your responsibility.


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Meanwhile, we are open to suggestions that a user will notify us about, if it will be worth it for the app, we will definitely do it.

If not, then we will just pass on the suggestions and nobody has the right to raise any questions on it too.