Truecallid app is a phone book based mobile application for android users who want to get detailed information of a Pakistani user. It comes with both free and premium features. Those who are skilled full personalities can opt for premium services. However, free services are also a better option for anyone to use.

After you download Truecallid app, you will get Profile picture and name of the person on the run time whenever someone calls you on the mobile number.

Truecallid app is safe to use for anyone. Its developed and managed by the experts and no one has the access to enter into the sensitive area of this app. So, nobody can perform any activity that raises concerns for others to consider it as a risky option.

Truecallidapp is beneficial for anyone to use because it gives you the reason to identify any unknown number who is calling you. If someone is teasing or threatening you on the mobile number, you can download this app on the smart phone and add your mobile number with the app. Now, anyone who calls you later on; their details will pop up on the screen. Hence, you can take any legal action against them without any issues.

Premium services are created for the users who want to make connections with the same minded personalities based on getting skill-set related work online. For that, we have created a forum where the premium users can come and communicate with other users. Meanwhile, they can easily offer their services to others who are interested to pay the amount for the relevant services.

Truecallidapp is easier for you to download by just visiting the official website. In the homepage, you will see the Download button on the top-right hand side. Click on it and the app will download directly on the mobile app. Now, you can log-in on the app, setup the profile, and use the services.

Right now, we have only created the application for Android users as majority of the population in Pakistan uses the android smart phones. The list of iOS supportive devices is few due to its heavier cost and less knowledge of its usage. However, we may scale up the application idea and would introduce it hopefully for the iOS users too. Moreover, many of you may have the concerns that which android version is ideal to use. Right now, every single person who has the awareness to use services does use latest versions of android smart phone. So, it would not create any issues for anyone when they use this app on their android smart phone. Still, it would be beneficial, if you can use android 3.0 or higher version for it.

If you are facing any errors or issues in the app, you have the option to click on the help button. It will automatically take the screenshot of the error or issue and we will receive a notification about it. So, you don’t have to manually fill-up the form to report the issue.

Anyone can contact us through the list of contact details we have mentioned on the platform and app. Without it, you can’t contact us in any other way.

With time, we will try to update our services for the better experience of our users.  In fact, all of the free and premium users of our application will get notified about every change that occurs in our app. You will get it on the email address that at the time of profile creation you have to provide on the application.

Yes, you need to register your account on the application to use the free or premium services. Without it, you can’t use any of the services.