At Truecallid (a mobile application), we are entirely focused on providing you the best services as per our efforts and dedication’s.

It’s an application that provides you the brief details about the unknown mobile phone numbers or the ones who you want to know about.

But, we do have some rules that you must need to follow to easily and safely use our application services.


In general, we don’t demand for any personal information for personal needs.

But, we have designed the application in a way where you can setup the profile by entering the personal details that are mentioned on it to put-in.

It’s included for the reasons of communicating with other users. Other than that, we don’t want it for ourselves.

Also, it’s not primarily for anyone to put the right information in the profile settings. If you are a female and not comfortable with putting your profile picture, you can put an avatar or anything else. Same goes for the other kind of information’s mentioned on the profile section.


Everyone who have installed truecallid app on their mobile phone has to follow the rules and regulations of the app. Without following the rules, you will get sue legally by our administration.

Never try to perform fishy techniques on the app or never try to get into the barrier areas. If you intend to do so, we will automatically figure it out and you won’t be able to use the application again for the rest of the life.


On truecallid, anyone who is coming here as a user, they do create an account to register and use the services. Therefore, the data of the person is saved into the database.

But, none of the users private details will ever compromise because of the advanced safety measures observe by the administration of the app.

So, nobody will have to think about it for any reasons. On top of that, as the information of hundreds of thousands of Pakistan mobile phone numbers are saved in the back-end, nobody has the access to enter into the territory as well.