Your presence on this article shows that you are receiving a lot of Robocalls on daily basis? If the answer is yes, then you are not the only one who has to face such experience. There are a lot of the people and their stories we have read out and heard on different places and occasions where they are receiving the robo-calls.


It’s not negligible that the robo-calls make a person’s life full of hassle and frustrated and it negatively affects the mind of the person to an extended level. While these calls are frustrating, it also gets dangerous at times, which really makes the concern to look after or stop them at any cost.


For that, a person always tries to consider the ways that can help them out to stop these un-wanted yet dangerous and frustrating calls. Well, it’s also said by the experts that robo-calls are at high-level extent dangerous that makes any person fool for their life or financial state. At the same time, it’s not possible for everyone to handle and fix the situation.


In some cases, the person gets highly frustrated that they throw their phone and broke it so no one can call on it. If you are among those lists of peoples who are facing such issues/scenarios, then you must need to take a step to stop them. But wait, what would be the effective options/steps that could help you to stop it. For that, you must need to download the Truecallid app on your smart phone.



Truecallid app is a free-to-use android application that a person can download in their mobile phone to get track of the person who is constantly annoying as a robo-caller. It tells the entire details of a person on the screen, which enables to easily take a legal action against the person with a bunch of proof on the hands. So, the proceeding of the complaint could be possible with efficiency and reliability. The app is only for the people living in Pakistan and facing the issues with a phone number who is of a Pakistani citizen.



Panicking on such scenarios is not problem-solving as you can’t do when you are panicked with a situation as you can’t draw anything adequately in your way to handle the situation. It’s obvious that your personal information like the mobile number, Name, and other belongings are public to people.


Scammer pays a hefty amount of money to get the personal phone number databases. And then, the try to perform the Robo-callers to panic the person who after hearing their details on phone makes the wrong steps, which benefits the scammers.


Instead of panicking with the situation, you have to be smart enough to handle the entire situation. It’s possible when you have any digital tool like “Truecallid” where the details of the person who is calling you will appear when you have already installed the application on the mobile phone.


Now, the moment they tells you your details, you can see their details and then reply them on the phone and tell them about their information, which will definitely make them feel scared too. In a lot of cases, when you tell them about their details, they will cut-off the phone and never calls you again. However, if they still try to panic you, then you have the option to contact the higher authorities and tell them about their details, so they would take a legal and effective action against them.



It starts with opening the web browser of your choice and enters the Truecallid.com official website domain name in the URL bar section. Now, the website will open on the screen for you and you have to check the download button that is available on the top right-hand-side of the home page. Click on the download button and the downloading will start on your smartphone.


After the app is downloaded, you will see the icon of the app on your smart phone home screen. From there, you can open the app and see the list of features it has for you. All of the things are mentioned in a way that will never confuse you. So, you just need to see them and everything you can learn in a single go.


After you install the app, you will be able to use the free version of the app. However, it has premium features as well that can allow you to enjoy the communication and earning opportunities. If you are interested about it, all you need is to contact the service provider and pay them the amount to get the premium membership of the app.


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